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10 September 2012 @ 01:49 pm
Author: ladysansalannister/24hourteaparty
Prompt:Older!Sansa/Willas, concert fic, au
Word Count: 368
Genre: Mordern AU, romance
Pairing(s): Sansa Stark/Willas Tyrell
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Warnings: n/a
Summery: Were she to be honest with herself, Sansa would admit that going to a noisy concert to be set up with her best friend's older brother was not how she wanted to spend her seventeenth birthday.
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25 July 2012 @ 08:01 pm

Title: Video et Taceo(part one)

Prompt by aintnothingbutthehoundsgirl : How about a Sansa/Elizabeth 1 crossover where Sansa is spirited away by Petyr Baelish after Joffrey’s wedding and she gets sent to Elizabeth instead and Elizabeth helps her get back Winterfell?
Author: porcelainshewolf/24hourteaparty

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sansa Stark, Petyr Baelish, Queen Elizabeth I
Author’s Note: Be warned, my knowledge of Elizabeth the first is limited to the onscreen dramatizations of her life, and the Wikipedia article I just read. Also I have no beta.
Summary: Petyr introduces Sansa to the Good Queen Bess

Sansa wore a long gown of plain blue wool with a white stiff collar around her neck. She looked at herself approvingly in the looking glass as she brushed her auburn hair.  After she finished she put a pearl necklace around her neck. It was all the decoration she dared. Petyr had instructed her to dress plainly. You wouldn’t want to outshine the queen, would you sweetling? he had said. Though you might with your looks alone.

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25 March 2012 @ 12:49 pm

  • title: In Dreams
  • author: ZoeDangerAwesome/24hourteaparty 
  • prompt: By screwydame: “Gwen sees Sybil wearing her harem pants outfit for the first time.” I didn’t follow the prompt exactly but I hope you still like it.
  • length: 390 words
  • warnings: No bata reader
  • genre: femslash, romance
  • fandom: Downton Abbey
  • pairing: Sybil/Gwen 
  • rating:PG
  • AN: This is the first time in years I have written a fan fic. So I’m a little  rusty. It felt pretty strange writing characters that are not my own. But it was fun and I think I will be writing more fan fic in the future. Constructive feedback is more than welcome. 
  • summery:Gwen has run her hands over Lady Sybil’s dresses so often she has memorized the stitches.

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19 October 2011 @ 04:13 pm
 When I was in middle school there was this inspirational poster in one of the hallways. It had various civil rights leaders on in, MLK, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman. The words across the poster read something like this, “They didn't wait for an opportunity, they invented one.” Out of all the posters hung up in that school building that was my favorite.

I was thinking about it today because of a tweet I saw was from Dale McCready who  according to IMBD is a director of photography for Merlin.  I came across the tweet linked on the Once and Futures LJ comn in a discussion regarding a large number of Gwen's scenes that were cut.  I never thought someone could piss me off in less than 140 characters, but I was proved wrong.

The Tweet in question:

."...the show intentionally concentrates on Arthur and Merlin. Gwen gets her turn soon."

Gwen gets her turn soon

That sentence tastes digesting when I saw it aloud. Gwen gets her turn soon. Are you fucking with me?

If you are you have been since season one. Shit like this shouldn't surprise me anymore but it does. Merlin has had a very clear message from the start that women should not be powerful. All the powerful women are evil. Actually, allow me to revise that. All the women who use magic and are therefor powerful are evil.

Gwen gets her turn soon. Gwen is an oddity among the women of Merlin. Every other recurring female character  with a story arc besides her have been evil. Morgana, Morgause, Nimueh.

 Gwen will wait her turn because she is a Good Girl. She is loving and caring. Others are put above her without fail. she accepts it with grace. Gwen accepts the fact she is little more than an emotional crutch for the men.

 Gwen will wait for her opportunity while the other women will try to invent one for themselves and get killed for it. 

 Gwen will wait her turn because Arthur giving Old!Merlin a piggy back ride is more important than her feelings. Gwen will wait her turn because Arthur making fun of Merlin for the umpteenth time is more important than her feelings. Gwen will wait her turn to become important again only so Arthur and Lancelot can fight over her like she is an object. Because this show is about men and their feelings are more important than hers.

 Over the course of the show we have seen Gwen do some genuinely amazing things. But those moments are fleeting and few and far between. I do not know who is holding Gwen back, but I ask that they stop. Though I suspect they won't.

 I suspect they won't but I would love to be proven wrong.

Gwen needs to stop waiting and start doing.

14 October 2011 @ 05:25 pm
I put this on my tumblr a few days ago, but I figured I would post it here too.

I take it kinda personally when people say that a person of color isn’t beautiful. Like the  vocal part of a Merlin fandom who insist that Angel Coubly is not pretty enough to be Gwen. Why? Whats wrong with her? tell me, please.

I feel like those people are calling me ugly too. And I know that sounds a bit ridiculous. But really, there is a long history of (in America anyway.) of people of color being considered less attractive just for not being white.

(And many of the people who say Angel isn’t pretty start with “I’m not racist but….Pro tip, if you ever start of something like that you are about to say something racist.)

And I’ve seen a lot of people say that Katie Mcgrath (I think that’s how you spell it.) should have been cast as Gwen. That extra hurts  me.

They say it should be her because Katie “looks like the legend.” Yes, clearly. Because Katie is pale as fuck so clearly she is better for the job. imirite?

Really though, there is nothing that qualifies Katie for the the part of Gwen over Angel. Nothing.

Also, stop saying the Gwen romance with Arthur doesn’t work because she is not pretty enough. One, because she is fucking beautiful. And two, because Arthur didn’t fall for her because of her looks.

Gwen goes everywhere with Morgana so Arthur would have seen her, like everyday. And he didn’t pay her any mind until the 10th ep where they had a conversation. Then he started to fall in love with her.

 I'm going to break down my reactions to the Merlin season premiere episodes by character. Also, spoilers. And you really won't know what I’m talking about unless you have seen it since I am talking about the characters not the plot.  I'm going to write about the knights, Merlin and Arthur tomorrow I think.

Morgana. Morgana really took a level in badass, which I really enjoy. While I am sorry to see her sister go, its nice to see Morgana take control of things and use magic on her.

Gwen/Morgana. Remember when Gwen used to bring Morgana flowers every morning and they would smile a each other like lesbian school girls? What happened?

Because of the skipped year between seasons 2 and 3 we didn't get to see Morgana's descent into darkness which I think is a shame. It would have made the switch from, “I don't like how Camelot is being run, I should to something about that,” to, “KILL THEM. KILL THEM ALLLLLLL. evil smirk." less jaring.

Gwen. How awesome was Gwen in this episode? She is really coming into her queenly role. When she is displeased with how Lord Creepy Uncle is running things she makes it known and she is listened to by the council.

I'm not sure how I feel about Gwen being Uthur's nursemaid. he killed her father and had her imprisoned and almost put to death twice. Gwen is the type of person who would take care of him anyway for Arthur, but I hate that Arthur asked her to do so.

Lord Creepy Uncle. (LCU)He has a name but I like saying Lord Creepy Uncle better. I find him a much more effective villain than Morgana. He is cunning and doesn't appear power hungry at all. It is very believable that people would not suspect him.

 Lord Creep Uncle/Gwen. While LCU does not publicly appear power hungry he most certainly is. He does not enjoy being called out by a servant girl and having his power  challenged. So, naturally he and Morgana come up with an evil plan to kill Gwen. (That fails.)

I found the interactions between the Gwen and LCU very interesting and felt they had a really sexual tone on his side. He invited her up to his room, at night, to discus politics after all. Gwen is at first understandably excited that he has asked her for her advice, but I think by the end of it she realizes he is up to no good.

While they were in his room and he was standing behind her chair it felt, well, creepy. I got the impression he was using that as a way to show his dominance in the situation. He holds all the cards here. Near the end of the scene he reaches out and his hand brushes up against Gwen's hair. My first thought was that he was going to make a move on her. However, as other people have pointed out it was more like a move to strangle her.

Like I said before, I think he is very power hungry and enjoyed having power over Gwen. I think he  liked knowing he could kill Gwen even if he has no intention to do so. It could be a way of reassuring/reminding himself he doesn’t need Morgana. But in the end he allows Morgana's plan to go into motion.

The wonderful Zaharawithaz on LJ brought up a great point as to way their interactions may felt so sexual to me.

The scene is deliberately filmed to draw out attention to this moment (note the centering of Agravaine’s hands in the shot) and to make us think this is part of the plot against Gwen. For a moment he seems he might strangle her, or hold her captive til Morgana arrives.
But then he straightens up with the air of squashing a first instinct, and lets her go. In retrospect, we realize that letting her go and be attacked by Morgana is Plan A, and whatever he might have done to keep her in his chambers would have protected her.
I believe Agravaine is actually weighing making a move on Gwen. His attitude toward Morgana—carefully subservient but definitely attracted—has painted him as a bit of a lech, and the way he plays with her hair seems suggestive. (So does the way he chooses to react to her horse-and rider-analogy.)
We’ve also gotten small hints that Agravaine may be more devoted to his own self-interest than Morgana’s, including the scene in which Arthur gave him the royal ring and said he would be heir after himself. At this point, Agravaine knows only two things about the future Morgana has seen—that someone named Emrys is Morgana’s doom, and that Guinevere will sit on the throne. It’s quite possible that he’s wondering if a sexual alliance with Gwen might get him to his goals better than flirting with Morgana.

This makes perfect sense to me I don't know if the show would go there but it is a very interesting  possibility. (And would make for a good fic. Somone get on that.)

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06 April 2011 @ 04:23 pm
If you had to choose, what couple from TV, cinema, or literature, would you choose as your parents?


Morticia and Gomez Addams from the 1960s tv show. I think it would be cool to be raised by such interesting and different people. How cool would it be to live with Cousin It? And blow up dynamite in your house?